Food Safety

At Delta Packing Company we strive for excellence in every step towards delivering the freshest produce to our customers. Whether it is the cherries in your local grocery store, or the fresh wine grapes for the hard working wine makers, our customers can always trust Delta Packing to supply superior quality and service. We understand the responsibility that we have to our customers, and with that, Food Safety is our highest priority. From the fields where the fruit is grown and harvested, to the packing facility, we not only comply to the stringent state of California Food Safety Laws, but go above and beyond to further ensure this safety to our customers. We work alongside our growers to educate and inform them of the latest laws and requirements, including environmental laws, labor and employment laws, and safe farming practices. Delta Packing is proudly certified by SQF from field level through packing facility, as well as Global Gap, and Organically Certified, and we are continually checked by outside agencies to ensure compliance for food safety

Certificates Awarded:

Primus Lab 2011 Audit Certification
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